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About PHP Programming language
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We can talk a little bit About PHP Programming language and appearance at a number of the pros and cons to assist you to decide if you ought to actually spend the time to be told it’sthe foremost likes on but it also has the foremost dislikes and that is because many web developers are strongly opinionated when it involves these things so some web developers really despise PHP, that is fine everyone seems to be different everyone seems to be entitled to their opinion, I happen to really like PHP for tiny and medium-sized applications and websites as long as the code is written correctly now with that said what I would like to try to during this video isn’tattempt to sway those people into liking or using PHP but just to take a glance at the facts of what PHP is and what it’s not so you’ll make that decision on your own.

I am not here to mention PHP is that the best server-side language out there because I do not think that after all feel it’s stupid and closed-minded to mention anything is that the best or the worst everyone’s different and everyone has their own abilities and their own opinions and that they adapt a certain syntax in a very different way that’s why I am unable to stand when someone says this is the best and that is the worst because I said in order that pisses me off it just causes you to look arrogant ignorant but anyways I’m not visiting last off into a negative rant so presumably you’re here because you’re probably wondering what server-side language you ought to learn first or second or third now if you were to ask my opinion I’d narrow it all the way down to either PHP nodejs or Python all right I’m actually very new Python I have been working with Django recently and that I do like it if you ask me some months ago I’d have said rails rather than Python but rails has really seen two-level recently and I absolutely love nodejs so node could also be a sexy choice because likelihood is you already know some JavaScript that the logical choice would be to travel with node but i’d actually look from a unique angle and appearance at it as choosing something that’s not JavaScript gives you a touch little bit of experience with a second language so you’ll kind of examine|take a look at|observe|study} that look at what’s similar and what’s different between the two so you’ll start to seem at other languages and compare those and just start to urge an improved idea of how programming works normally so I do not really have a transparent recommendation apart from staring at those three no PHP and Python, About PHP Programming language, I do not know enough about most of those other languages apart from just the fundamentals I wouldn’t recommend Java or C++ or anything like that for your first language not because they are not good they’re extremely powerful but because they’re just too difficult and too strict for a beginner alright now, About PHP Programming language what I actually did was a bit like I said I learned HTML CSS and basic JavaScript and then visited PHP I worked thereupon for a protracted time, About PHP Programming language I learned a bunch of frameworks so I went back to JavaScript and learned nodejs Express and a bunch of client-side frameworks like angular and react then rails and now Python, so that is what I did and that I don’t regret any of these decisions I’ve done as good as with those and that i can develop languages very

quickly now very well in order that those are pretty much your choices so let’s take a look at a number of the benefits of PHP so I think one in every ofthe largest reasons to learn PHP is because it’s absolutely every where am fond of it or hate it around 35 percent, About PHP Programming language just about of the online sites on the Internet use PHP in one form or another it may even be on top of that I’m not really sure WordPress is truly a giant chunk of that which is that the most well liked content management system or blog platform far and away now there with said PHP is a great language to find out if you’re looking for employment, About PHP Programming language I’m not saying it’s the best but it’s up there there is a ton of web design and development firms out there that use WordPress or perhaps Joomla or Drupal and these are the fore most popular content management systems and web design companies love these because it enables their clients to update their own content rather than bugging them to do it now in factyou’ll create your own content management system in any language but you’ll roll out a wordpress site in a very week especially if you’re using pre-made plugins and templates, so PHP is additionally incredibly easy to learn once you compare it to language like Java or C++ this can bea giant advantage but it may be an obstacle and I’ll tell you why in a very little so support is another big advantage PHP has a huge community and if you grind to a halt there’s a specific chance you’ll find a fix for your exact About PHP Programming languageproblem most developers know PHP whether or not they do not use it or perhaps if they hate it lots of them still comprehend it so support may be a big plus PHP also gives you a large amount of freedom and this can be another example of something that’s both good and bad it is not a typed language you do not need to define your data types or anything like that there’s a million alternative ways to create the identical functionality so integration is another good one you’ll use PHP with nearly any database MySQL Postgres know what skew all databases like MongoDB there’s an adapter for just about excuse me any type of database or data store that you just want to use there’s also a large amount of frameworks available for PHP and this allows those that understand PHP but our masters create pretty significant applications frameworks do lots of the hard stuff for us laravel is extremely popular they even have Symphony CodeIgniter there’s a huge list of frameworks for PHP, About PHP Programming language you’ll also use multiple paradigms this ties into the liberty aspect you can use procedural or functional programming with PHP further as hard core object-oriented code using classes most people start with procedural because it’s much easier than you can gradually start to find out the object-oriented stuff alright, About PHP Programming language, and PHP can also be directly embedded into HTML, About PHP Programming language and that’s also an enormous plus then it’s also pre-configured on most hosting environments especially shared hosting if you move to Hostgator or DreamHost or any of these companies they typically have pHp re-installed on their servers and there’s even one-click installation for things like wordpress and even ecommerce platforms like Magento and then on and there’s a lot of excellent free PHP scripts out there alright so those are the reasons, About PHP Programming language, About PHP Programming language, why you must learn PHP now let’s take a glance at some disadvantages so I said earlier that PHP was really easy to find out and it offers you lots of freedom which will be an honest advantage, About PHP Programming language, as far as you have the ability to find out a language but it may be an enormous disadvantage an excessive amount of freedom can mean a poor language design PHP adapts its syntax from many alternative other languages Perl C C++ Java and then on so it may well be extremely inconsistent and flaky it doesn’t really have in some sense, About PHP Programming language it doesn’t really have its own identity okay in order that leads us to the next one which is that it’s too easy to write bad code there is a lot of bad scripts out there written in PHP like I said there are a million ways to jot down the same functionality and this may make things very difficult and just annoying when you’re working with someone else’s code I’ve had times, About PHP Programming language where I just can’t figure out what the hell they were thinking once they wrote it but PHP is so flexible that it still works you recognize if you visit the front-end of the website of the app it still works it’s just an awfully poor and difficult design and PHP is additionally weakly typed while that makes things easier this may also lead to bugs and issues, okay, therefore, About PHP Programming language, the next one is scalability PHP isn’t completely suitable for really big applications that use big data you’ll have problems with scaling it’s fine for tiny to medium-sized applications and websites but once we start getting in apps with millions of users and thousands of pages it starts to induce a touch difficult to manage because it is not highly modular, I think a giant part of that’s too because it was designed to basically create dynamic websites, About PHP Programming language, not such a lot high tech applications if you’re building a very large application with big data you’re probably happier going with something like the mean stack very well now as far as security, About PHP Programming language, every language has its flaws PHP is totally open-source and it’s not compiled and this provides you give it some vulnerabilities although lots of

the insecure PHP programs are because of bad code not really the language, About PHP Programming language, itself all right so these are just about the most disadvantages, About PHP Programming language, I feel the largest that the reason why is about some developers really hate PHP is its poor design and the code can really just be an unsightly mess and it’s totally inconsistent, About PHP Programming language, so I feel that’s the main reason o.k. there fore the conclusion is up to you to come to a decision again I’m not visiting suggest PHP for your first language I’m not visiting this at all I will be able to suggest PHP node or Python but I won’t go any more than that without knowing what works for you and how you code because most are different and it’s just stupid on behalf of me to say that this can be the language you ought to learn because I do not know you but the bottom line is all languages have good and bad qualities web link web technologies desktop programming languages, About PHP Programming language, anything has it’s good and bad PHP is popular and widely used that’s an honest enough reason on behalf of me to want to be told it or to possess wanted to learn it, About PHP Programming language but I might suggest that you just learn other languages furthermore don’t just follow PHP for the remainder of your career o.k.and so most of all most significant to jot down good code or in good coding practices stay consistent makes things very clean and PHP will see just fine for you all right so hopefully you guys enjoyed this and learned a bit something from it and hopefully I praised it enough for you guys that like PHP, About PHP Programming language,

PHP Programming language Advantages

  • Speed up custom web application development
  • No need to write additional code
  • Work with databases more efficiently
  • Automate common web development tasks
  • Protect websites from targeted security attacks
  • Perform unit testing efficiently
  • No need to increase web development cost


  • Quality of PHP frameworks differs
  • Programmers need to learn PHP frameworks instead of PHP
  • Lack of option to modify core behavior
  • Affect Speed and performance of websites

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