All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math 2020

All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math
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There are plenty of SEO plugins out there so which should you choose? To help answer this question, we’re pitting two of the very best SEO plugins against each other: All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math,

Introducing All in One SEO Pack

The All in One SEO Pack plugin is Rank math great rival. The two plugins really do dominate the SEO plugin market, and both are evenly matched — to the point where it’s almost impossible to discuss one without drawing comparisons with the other

The plugin has more than a million active installs and a total of 26 million downloads to date, This means All in One SEO Pack is frequently part of conversations discussing the most popular WordPress plugins of all time. It also has the honor of being, to this day, the most downloaded WordPress plugin, All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

Settings and Configurations

working your way through each section, you’ll be able to:

  • determine how canonical URLs are handled
  • specify the homepage SEO plugin title and description
  • configure title styles for each post type
  • sync Google Webmaster Tools with your website (also Bing and Pinterest)
  • integrate Google+ and Google Analytics
  • set default no index and no follow settings for each post type.

Content Analysis

All in One SEO Pack features an SEO meta box, displayed directly below the WordPress text editor. From here, you can write an SEO title and meta description for your post, and All in One SEO Pack will render how your snippet might appear in the search engines.

XML Sitemaps

All in One SEO Pack supports XML Sitemap functionality — this module needs activating from the Feature Manager screen, too. Again, this will result in a new menu item: XML Sitemaps.

Once the module’s been activated, All in One SEO Pack creates your XML Sitemap automatically. However, as you may expect by now from All in One, there are plenty of settings for you to tweak. All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

Social Media

All in One SEO takes a modular approach, so you can quickly disable any unwanted features. Social Meta is one of these modules, and can be activated via All in One SEO > Feature Manager.

Other Features

As we’ve already mentioned, All in One SEO Pack has a number of modules you can activate/deactivate. In addition to Social Media and XML Sitemap modules, you’ll find:

  • robot.txt generator
  • performance optimizer
  • import/export settings
  • bad bot blocker
  • robot.txt and .htaccess editor.

Rank Math 

Rank math

Rank Math is an all-new SEO plugins that elevates your word press to another level. It is absolutely free and power-packed with tons of features. All tools of the plug-in are completely accessible and easy to use. It comes with 404 and a redirection manager. All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

Rank Math comes with over 14 advanced snippets that make the task of optimizing easy-peasy and offers you optimization up to five keywords and enables you to import your data from other SEO plugins. Below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of the Rank Math SEO tool.


  • Absolutely Free 

Rank Math SEO is completely free and provides you with the best class UI and UX.

  • Lightweight, fast and user-friendly

It has a lightweight interface that is very clean and easy to understand.

  • Rich Snippet support with SEO and content audit

Rank Math supports 14+ types of snippets that optimize your blog post in an easy way. Interestingly, it comes with an in-built audit tool that foresees errors and predicts improvements. All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

  • Compatible with all themes

Rank Math is easy to use and is compatible with all themes, unlike various free SEO tools. All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

  • Great community and Great customer support

Rank Math, despite being completely free. The team provides great support to the customers on their Facebook group or the support forum.


  • Difficulty in reverting 

Rank Math may sometimes disappoint you as you cannot revert back to old SEO plugins.

  • Settings are difficult to understand

SEO settings are difficult to understand for general people or beginners.

  • Compatibility issues

It creates problems and is not sometimes compatible with older SEO plugins 

  • Not detailed documentation

Rank Math lacks in providing detailed documentation as compared to the All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

The Verdict

When it comes to picking a winner, it really is too close to call. Both are excellent plugins, and either choice will most likely serve you exceptionally well.

Overall, though, Rank math gets my vote — primarily because it ships with a considerably better range of features. In particular, the content analysis tool is perfect for anyone looking to make SEO-friendly tweaks to their posts — a feature that’s sadly missing from All in One SEO Pack. Yoast also, undeniably, comes in the neater, tidier, and altogether more user-friendly packaging. All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

That said, All in One SEO Pack is, without doubt, an excellent plugin with a lot of firm supporters — Furthermore, it offers a wider range of settings in some areas, which folk with either specialist requirements and/or a particularly advanced grip of SEO may find pleasing, All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

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All in One SEO Pack vs Rank Math

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