Buy Expired Domain Names in 2020

Buy Expired Domain Names
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If you are looking to seek Buy Expired Domain Names, I’ve compiled an inventory of a number of the simplest websites and tools you’ll use to locate them. There are a bunch of marketplaces, software tools, and even some social-media strategies you’ll use to snag a strong expired domain.

why Buy Expired Domain Names?

an expired domain is that it still carries forward all of it’s SEO metrics, Such as:

  • Domain authority
  • Page authority
  • Page rank
  • Age
  • Trust flow

And everything else that contributes to the strength and authority of a domain! By purchasing a website that already has these metrics means we don’t need to spend an entire lot of your time doing SEO on a replacement domain. We simply add content and links and build sites on these expired domains, we then link to our money sites to offer them a shove up the rankings, Buy Expired Domain Names

301 direct to your money site.

By adding a 301 redirect from your expired domain to your money site means that when Google crawls the domain, it is re-directed to your site and the authority from that domain is also passed on. Buy Expired Domain Names

There are certain metrics that I am looking for, and here they are:


  • Page Authority > 20
  • Domain Authority > 15
  • Citation Flow > 15
  • Trust Flow > 15

Domain Authority

I like to line a limit of a minimum of 15 for Domain Authority. this is often basically a metric by Moz that measures the particular domain consistent with age, popularity, and size. Now obviously the upper the DA, the more trustworthy it appears to look engines, and therefore the more authority has! If a site features a high DA, then you recognize it’s quality links pointing too it, Buy Expired Domain Names

Page authority

Similar to DA, but this point Page authority looks at the probability of a selected page appearing on the search engines. it’s at the relevance of data and links to the page. This is a crucial metric because we are trying to find relevant ‘domains’ to get. So I always search for a PA of 20+, Buy Expired Domain Names

Trust Flow

This is a metric from and as you guessed, it measures the trustworthiness of a site.  I for a trust flow of 15+, Buy Expired Domain Names


I try to get domains that are at least 2 years old. If you follow the requirements above, then you will probably find that the domains are aged anyway, Buy Expired Domain Names


When you find a suitable domain you need to check the back link profile to see if it has genuine, relevant backlinks, and nothing spammy going on!, Buy Expired Domain Names

Where to find expired domains

There are some good free sources to finding expired domains and my favourites are:

  • Compare domains from all Auction sites
  • Get Age, DA, CF / TF, Backlinks and more
  • 35+ Quality Metrics

but their Premium price plan boosts your capabilities, enabling you to 

  • Find Web2.0s with Links and Social Shares
  • Register Unlimited Accounts for free
  • Enter Keywords and hit search
  • Multi-Threaded for speed

and their most expensive plan adds even more features, enabling you to:

  • Quality aged domains from $10 or less
  • Crawl authority websites
  • Search for niche related expired domains
  • Reverse Crawl Websites
  • One of a Kind Domain Spam Check
  • Crawl millions of pages daily


Buy Expired Domain Names

Spam Check

  • Check anchor text for Porn, Pharmaceuticals, Poker, or foreign language anchor text in Majestic SEO – If any signs of this type of anchor text don’t buy!, Buy Expired Domain Names
  • Natural Profile (no SEO) – Check backlinks for signs of blog network links, comment spam, or directory spam – Use your discretion but if it’s like someone was doing low-value SEO on the domain don’t buy it!, Buy Expired Domain Names
  • Does the precise match anchor text look natural? Below 15% a minimum of – If no don’t Buy, Buy Expired Domain Names
  • Review website in and see if the domain had content not associated with the name – If the content doesn’t add up with the name it means it had been already used as an expired domain – don’t buy it!

Registrar History

  • Check the registrar history if it has been registered and dropped more than once you need to be confident it was not abused by checking it in You can check the number of times a site has been registered by visiting –

for wp themes

for seo tools

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