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Ezoic platform is an ad testing tool which enables you to find the perfect place for your ads. Rather than some other Ad Platforms, it uses Artificial Intelligence to testify hundreds of different ad layouts. In brief, Ezoic helps you to make more money on your website’s advertisement than any other Ad Platform.

Advantages of Ezoic

1.  Increase in Revenue – 

You can run the tests manually by inserting the ads on your website, but that will lead you nowhere. Besides most preferred way is automated testing because it uses machine learning. It uses a vast number of possible combinations because Ezoic analyses the position, size, and design of ads and later use the data to place the ads in the ideal location to increase your revenue. main Advantages of Ezoic

2. Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics – 

Ezoic provides high-quality information and statistics in the user dashboard that helps you to know your customers. Several different metrics, like Revenue, Page Views, Average Engage Time, EPMV (earning per thousand visitors), Bounce Rates, and Social Shares, can be reviewed. Even earnings can be filtered by language, traffic sources, location, device, and so on. 1 of the main Advantages of Ezoic

3. Sticky and Anchor Ad Units – 

Sticky and Anchor Ads are highly recommended because of their best performance, and they are big earners. However, Ezoic allows you to put the ads on the sticky sidebars. You can also turn on Anchor ads that are visible at the bottom of the screen on both mobile and desktops.

4. Site Speed Accelerator – 

As the page speed is one of the essential ranking factor used by Google, it is necessary to have a short loading time to get a good rank. However, the usage of Ads on the website can slow it down. Lately, Ezoic has come up with a fantastic feature, i.e., Speed Accelerator, which guarantees 80+ Google Page Speed Insights score for every website.

5. Increase in Ranking –

Ezoic helps in the increase of ranking because it has better page speed optimization, better user experience, and low bounce rates.

6. Excellent Customer Support –

One of the main advantages of choosing Ezoic is its excellent customer support. Usually, they would get back to you within a couple of hours and will guide through your problem very patiently. The best thing about their customer support is that they explain everything with the help of screenshots that even a layperson can understand that easily.

7. Complete Control –

Ezoic lets you take complete control over ads. It gives you some great features like setting up the maximum number of Ads shown per page. Decide the color and design of the ad. You can take control over Anchor ads individually for Desktop, Tablets, and Mobile. Disable specific advertiser to show on your site and setup excluded pages, where you don’t want to show Ezoic ads at all. main Advantages of Ezoic

8. Low Payment Threshold –

Ezoic pays the least of $20 for the minimum work done. However, some other Ad platforms pay much more than that. (e.g., AdSense have $100 minimum).

Disadvantages of Ezoic

1. Least traffic requirements – 

Ezoic accepts at least 10 000 monthly page views. However, if you do not fulfill the target, you might not make much money.

2. Small Ad at the bottom of the page – 

Ezoic inserts a small ad at the bottom of your page if you don’t want to pay for their services. However, you can remove the Ad by paying 5% of your revenue to them.

3. Longer Waiting Periods –

There is no Immediate Result Policy for Ezoic; the collection of data can usually take about one month to testify the results and give you the best ad layout. this is the main Disadvantages of Ezoic

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