Powerful Payment Gateways for WordPress in 2020

Payment Gateways for WordPress
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Payment Gateways for WordPress in Ecommerce transactions involve a series of steps that eventually result in a completed checkout. Because customers can drop off at any stage for a variety of reasons, you would like to form the foremost seamless experience possible so as to encourage the customer to convert. With this in mind, all of your efforts will ultimately be for naught if there’s an issue accepting a customer’s payment.

here you’ll find all the information about the payment gateway services provider, who is been serving best to their clients. If you’re looking forward to fixing a payment gateway you may be having plenty of inquiries to it.

What is a payment gateway?

A payment gateway is a third-party tool that evaluates and processes customer payments. They exist to link the customer’s shopping cart to the processing network. Payment Gateways for WordPress

There are two main types of payment gateways:

  • Direct: A customer can complete a transaction directly on your website.
  • Redirect: A customer has to leave your website to make a payment. The customer is sent to an external page to process the payment.

Processing online Payments

There are three parties involved when processing online payments: the merchant, the customer, and the technology.

  • Merchant, You need to partner with a merchant bank that accepts payments and deposits them into a merchant account
  • Customer, that initiates transactions online usually opts to settle their accounts using credit or debit cards.
  • Technology includes the payment processor and the payment gateway. Payment Gateways for WordPress

Before choosing a payment gateway:

  • Type of payments do you accept?
  • Countries do you sell to?
  • You ensure transaction security?
  • WordPress payment processing considerations.
    • Customer support
    • How fast the company settles
    • FEE
    • Device compatibility
  • Secure your website?
    • Enable SSL encryption
    • Secure user accounts

In short, you will have to focus on these as prior to get your answer quickly, which will help you make a decision on which payment gateway is more suitable for your online store. Payment Gateways for WordPress

Powerful WordPress Payment Plugins list here!

  • BigCommerce for WordPress.
  • WooCommerce
  • Shopify
  • WP eCommerce


WooCommerce is taken into account to be among the simplest e-commerce plugins for WordPress. Automatic (the creators of WordPress) acquired it in 2015. WooCommerce gives store owners and web developers complete control over the content they sell on their website. Payment Gateways for WordPress

The plugin supports both digital and physical goods and comes with Envira’s Gallery Ecommerce integration for selling images online.

There are various free and premium extensions that enhance the functionality of your e-store. It goes well with every WordPress theme and also offers users an in-depth collection of e-commerce templates. WooCommerce also helps you in adding affiliates or external products to your website. Payment Gateways for WordPress


Shopify is taken into account to be a stand-alone website builder, the eCommerce website platform also works well with WordPress because it handles everything from web designing to post-marketing solutions. you’ll be able to sell everything from digital goods to physical items, and services here. Shopify is super easy for beginners- you’ll be able to founded SSL, integrate the various payment gateways, handle shipping, and calculate taxes without writing one line of code. Payment Gateways for WordPress

WP eCommerce

WP eCommerce could be a fully functional and powerful WordPress plugin that helps you in creating beautiful web stores in a very matter of minutes similar to the most effective e-commerce website builders. It even comes with a shipping feature and an inbuilt inventory for managing products on your website. it’s over 50,000 active installs to date; a number of the users have even migrated to the platform from WooCommerce. Payment Gateways for WordPress

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