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When it comes to optimizing your WordPress website, you want to make every potential effort that could help boost your website’s ranking. No matter how valuable content you are contributing, it only attains its value when it is there on the first page of the search engine.

 On-page SEO has a substantial contribution to ranking your website. You need a whole team of professionals who have an in-depth understanding of different on-page tactics and how executing them would make a difference. Now that’s a long process. Isn’t it? 

How will that be if this long process could be met in just a few simple steps?  Yes!  Rank Math is a free WordPress plugin making all that possible for you in just a few clicks. It has the optimal settings preselected, so the installation becomes remarkably simple. math rank by country

Content is the king of on-page SEO. Rank Math is the perfect tool for writing SEO friendly content sets the ideal framework for your on-page SEO. It has a step by step installation and configuration process. It recommends the most suitable settings for your WordPress website to bring the best results. With different modules available, you can enable or disable each module according to your convenience. math rank by country

For a better understanding of the content, Rank Math highlights significant information about your posts beside the post itself.  It also interprets the overall SEO score of your pages and posts and tells you what all can be done to improve the current score. With the help of this excellent tool, you can also have a preview of your post in SERPs.

 It includes a number of features that were earlier only included in the paid tools. Some of them are listed below:

  • Unlimited Keywords – Rank Math optimizes your posts for unlimited target keywords. Along with that, you can have to track your keyword rankings.  math rank by country
  • Google Schema Markup – You can optimize your posts very easily with 13+ types of schema markups available.
  • Integrated Search Console – With the integrated search console, you can have your website’s information displayed directly in WordPress.
  • Track Google keyword ranking – You can track your Google keyword ranking.
  • Integrated LSI keyword tool – Rank Math serves you with multiple variations of targetted keywords.
  • SEO Analysis – With just a single click, you can audit your website.
  • Social images overlay icons – You can overlay a GIF or a video icon on the thumbnail.
  • Internal Linking – Rank Math gives you internal linking suggestions from your current posts. You can set this feature on or off according to the requirements.
  • Do Follow and No follow links – Rank Math detects the Do follow, and No-follow links in the content and presents recommendations.
  • Suggesting keywords – The tools provides you numerous keywords suggestions.

These are just a few of the many marvelous features offered by Rank Math. You get to know more about a lot of distinct features and the different methods of using them when you dive deeper into the tool by implementing it and examining the results by yourself.

And guess the best part! The adeptly built tool is one amongst the quickest, foolproof, and most intuitive if we look at the performance. It accommodates the website speed and never causes the website to slow down. math rank by country

Initially, it will take some time to understand the various features and the best use of it. But the entire process of working with Rank Math becomes much easy when you start practicing it. Increasing your website’s rank will become a snap for you with the help of Rank Math. The tool is worth giving a try with such a wide range of exceptional features.



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