Rank Math vs Yoast -2020

Rank Math vs Yoast
87 / 100
Rank math

Rank Math 

Rank Math is an all-new SEO plug-in that elevates your word press to another level. It is absolutely free and power-packed with tons of features. All tools of the plug-in are completely accessible and easy to use. It comes with 404 and a redirection manager. Rank Math vs Yoast

Rank Math comes with over 14 advanced snippets that make the task of optimizing easy-peasy and offers you optimization up to five keywords and enables you to import your data from other SEO plug-ins. Below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of the Rank Math SEO tool.


  • Absolutely Free 

Rank Math SEO is completely free and provides you with the best class UI and UX.

  • Lightweight, fast and user-friendly

It has a lightweight interface that is very clean and easy to understand.

  • Rich Snippet support with SEO and content audit

Rank Math supports 14+ types of snippets that optimize your blog post in an easy way. Interestingly, it comes with an in-built audit tool that foresees errors and predicts improvements. Rank Math vs Yoast

  • Compatible with all themes

Rank Math is easy to use and is compatible with all themes, unlike various free SEO tools.

  • Great community and Great customer support

Rank Math, despite being completely free. The team provides great support to the customers on their Facebook group or the support forum.


  • Difficulty in reverting 

Rank Math may sometimes disappoint you as you cannot revert back to old SEO plug-ins.

  • Settings are difficult to understand

SEO settings are difficult to understand for general people or beginners.

  • Compatibility issues

It creates problems and is not sometimes compatible with older SEO plug-ins 

  • Not detailed documentation

Rank Math lacks in providing detailed documentation as compared to the Yoast SEO tool.

  • Difficulty in importing from SEO plug-ins

Sometimes there is an inability to import from other SEO plug-ins.



Yoast is one of the major SEO tools used by WordPress users. It is a free tool but has a premium version too. Despite this, most of its essential features are included in the free version so it is worth trying. The tool offers comprehensive features that enable it to be a leading tool in the market. Even the premium version is worth a try as it has very economical pricing. Below mentioned are the advantages and disadvantages of the Yoast SEO tool.


  • Improvise readability of content

Yoast SEO tool acts as a proofreader, and we may end up writing wrong keywords and hence improves the readability of the content.

  • Enables post previews

It allows you to preview what your page or post will look like in Google’s search results. 

  • Customizable twitter and Facebook snippets

You will face no difficulty in customizing Twitter and Facebook post sharing snippets. Rank Math vs Yoast

  • Detects website indexable issues

Yoast SEO provides you with good experience to add a webpage to its index and easily detects index issues. Rank Math vs Yoast

  • Prevent RSS feeds from content scrappers

Yoast SEO prevents scrapping of content by adding a link to your content on the RSS feed.


  • Lags in the speed of the site

It lags behind in terms of speed sometimes and works like a tortoise.

  • Endangers safety of the site

Yoast SEO sometimes is not able to understand your feelings, intentions, and goals of the content. Rank Math vs Yoast

  • Unable to interpret canonical URLs

Lacks the ability to interpret and preview the duplicate URLs.

  • Premium version needed

It requires a premium version for using advanced SEO tools, unlike Rank Math which is absolutely free and offers a wide range of features.

  • Deals with Bloated codes

Yoast is sometimes unable to cope up with unnecessary long, slow program codes.

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